1997 - 1st Annual PKA Dallas Custom Knife Show; Best Bowie and Best Primitive Knife

Heart of America IV, St. Louis;         

Single Artist Damascus

2010 – 18th Annual PKA Denver Custom Knife Show; Best Damascus Knife

2011 – 19th Annual PKA Denver Custom Knife Show; Judges’ Choice of the Rest

Ohio Classic Knife Show, Cambridge;

Best Damascus and Best Bowie/Fighter

2012 – 20th Annual PKA Denver Custom Knife Show; Judges Choice:  Bowie/Camp Knife

Branson Hammer-In & Knife Show;

Best Damascus

2013 – Gateway Area Knife Show, St. Louis; Best Custom Embellishment

Branson Hammer-In & Knife Show;

Best Damascus

2014 – 22nd Annual PKA Denver Custom Knife Show; Best Damascus Knife

2015 – 23nd Annual PKA Denver Custom Knife Show; Best Fighting/Tactical Knife

Knife Show Awards

Stek Knives are produced almost exclusively from Damascus steel which is hand forged in my shop. Damascus steel is the result of multi layers of steel forge welded together to create a variety of patterns. The two main types of steel I use for my blades are 1080 and 15N20. A mixture that is alternately stacked, forged and hand welded together to make a billet. Four to eight billets are then stacked together to make a completed billet of 240, 360, or 480 layers. Because of the different layers of steel, a Damascus blade has an excellent cutting edge similar to a serrated knife.

 The majority of my knife styles are Bowies, fighters, daggers and hunters.  I like using natural materials for handles, such as Sambar Stag from India, Ivory and Oosik from Alaska and exotic woods. The buffalo horn and nickel silver spacers which accent many of my knife handles along with the “Stek designed” Damascus guards and pommels are all distinctive trademarks of my knives.  Brass is also a favorite material for guards and pommels especially on hunting knives. 


I recommend using Renaissance wax or a car paste wax on a Damascus blade to prevent oxidation. Also, it is best not to store a Damascus knife in the sheath over a long period of time.

I am new to social media and just started a Facebook page for Stek Knives.  I will continue to add pictures of recently made knives and post updates of shows I will be attending.    

All Stek Knives are guaranteed for the lifetime of the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship.  Misuse or neglect, as determined by the maker, will void the guarantee.  Natural handle materials cannot be guaranteed against shrinkage, cracking, or etc. with age and exposure to temperature and humidity variations.

I began designing and crafting custom knives full-time as Stek Knives in 1991. I am a member of "Professional Knifemakers Association" (PKA) and "The American Bladesmith Society" (ABS). I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ft. Wayne Art Institute in 1974 and a Master of Fine Arts from Western Michigan University in 1976 majoring in sculpture and printmaking. I taught art at the university level from 1977 through 1991. My sculptures, paintings, and prints have been exhibited at numerous art galleries and museums throughout the country. I first began forging and casting steel while in graduate school. My knives have been illustrated in the Knives Publication (by Ken Warner), the Knife Magazine, Blade Magazine, Fighting and Tactical Knives.

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STEK Knives       Hand Crafted in the Ozarks   by Craig Steketee